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Resource Optimal allocation by Morphing Agile systems using Nonlinear Analysis”


The aim of the project is to develop a systematic plan of research activities to facilitate the establishment of a science based decision support platform for optimal allocation of resources at various scales in order to assure the compliance with the targets of a country for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals under the UN 2030 Agenda. The Romanian case shall be used for validation with the support of the Romanian Government.
The proposed research project will integrate the achievements of the cooperative research activities undertaken in the last two decades to understand the functional correlation among different factors that contribute to the optimal functioning of systems when different aggregation scales are considered. The main focus is on SDG 7, but the methodology is connected to SDG 6, SDG 11 and SDG 13.
The multiscale modeling approach identifies, examines and evaluates the aggregation of processes and structures at national level, regional, system, subsystems and components. The research activities will cover both experimental and modeling aspects of the problem, in order to define models and algorithms for data processing. Using cognitive computation approaches aggregated models will be developed and validated using the data sets and data sources for the Romanian case and its results can be organized to obtain reliable prognostics of the system, especially useful for decision makers when considering the resilience issue both at sectorial and country level.


ECOS 2026 Conference

ECOS 2026 Conference will be organized in Constanta by “Ovidius” University

Romana – UGAL Invent 2021

The project was presented at innovation exhibition UGAL-Invent 2021.

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